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Partnerships are at the heart of UNDP in all aspects of its work; in the implementation of programmes, in the funding of projects, in policy and development discussions and advocacy. Partners include governments, other UN agencies, the international financial institutions, bilateral agencies, the private sector and civil society.
Across regions, UNDP benefits from its global presence in more than 163 countries bringing together actors from a variety of backgrounds to share expertise, explore joint ventures and develop solutions for world development challenges.  At UNDP, we know from long experience that these collaborative relationships, built with care, enlarge the potential for progress by unleashing collective energy and concern.
In UNDP Lebanon, working with and through partners has been an essential part of how business is conducted. Since the initiation of the first interventions in Lebanon, UNDP has worked hand in hand with various partners to move the development agenda further.

Resource Mobilization and partners funding is one of the essential elements of the success of our programmes. Through regular discussions, areas of common interests are identified and financial resources are pooled through UNDP programmes. In addition to providing expert advice and technical support to major development issues UNDP’s established structure and processes for project development and implementation ensures effectiveness for delivering on results. The diversity of donors contributing to our programmes as well as the substantial resources channeled through UNDP programmes confirms once again the vote of confidence of the national government and the international and local community in UNDP’s role and effectiveness in the sustainable development field. More than 17 international donors are currently contributing to our Ongoing Portfolio, among which, Italy, Swedish SIDA, Lebanon Recovery Fund and the European Commission constitute the largest share.

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Government and donor funding trend since the initiation of UNDP's new interventions shows the steady expansion of our programmes and the increased support of donors since 1992. The unprecedented peak in 2006 and 2007 as a result of an already expanding programme has been complemented by the unfortunate/devastating impact of the July 2006 war and the subsequent recovery and rehabilitation needs of the government of Lebanon. In this aspect, UNDP established programmes and ability to reach out to all groups and all regions of Lebanon as well as it’s strategic positioning within key public institutions enabled us to respond quickly and effectively to the steaming needs attracting traditional and nontraditional donors’ contributions.

Our partners in development have ranged from line ministries in the government of Lebanon, to local municipalities, to Non Governmental Organizations. Our current ongoing portfolio includes more than 20 agencies among which:

Council for Development and Reconstruction Directorate General of Urban Planning
Investment Development Authority of Lebanon Ministry Of Energy and Water
Ministry of Interior Ministry Of Agriculture
Ministry Of Environment Ministry Of Economy and Trade
Ministry Of Finance Ministry Of Justice
Ministry Of Social Affairs National Demining Office
Ministry Of Telecommunication / OGERO Office Of The Minister Of State for Admin Reform
Parlement Libanais Local Municipalities
Prime Minister Office Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute

Civil Society  
National Committee for Follow Up on Women’s Issues Arab NGO Network for Development
KAFA Young Men’s Christian Association
Lebanese Transparency Association Association for the Development of Rural Capacities
Lebanese Environment Forum Association for Forests, Development and Conservation



Private Sector  
Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries ABRAAJ CAPITAL

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