UNDP improved the quality of Medical and Education Services at the Social Development Center in Bab Al Tebbaneh - Tripoli

Apr 20, 2011

UNDP-ART GOLD North Lebanon in partnership with “Les Amis du Liban à Monaco” inaugurated the newly equipped and rehabilitated dental care unit and kindergarten at Social Development Center in Bab Al Tebbaneh – Tripoli at 12:00pm. This inauguration falls under the UNDP-ART GOLD Lebanon’s project entitled "Rehabilitating and Equipping the dental care unit and kindergarten at the Social Development Center in Bab Al Tebbaneh", in collaboration with the municipality of Tripoli.

The inauguration took place at the Social Development Center in Bab Al Tebbaneh in the presence of Mr. Shombi Sharp UNDP Officer in Charge, Mrs. Bouran Bouery, President of the Association “Les Amis du Liban à Monaco”, Dr. Nader El Ghazal, Mayor of Tripoli, a representative the Ministry of Social Affairs, in addition to local officials and representatives of the civil society.

In addition to the official speeches that was addressed during the inauguration, a tour visit of the health care and kindergarten premises was scheduled allowing the participants to check out the new equipment, meet some of the beneficiaries and listen to their feedback.

There are around 60,000 inhabitants in Bab Al Tebbaneh area. This area is among the poorest in Lebanon. Most of its people are not covered by medical insurance, do not get social welfare or have access to public quality health and social services.

Thus this project contributes to enhancing the services provided at the Social Development Center that is affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs in Bab Al Tebbanneh and which includes 3 main sections: a primary health care centre (PHCC), an educational section (kindergarten), and a vocational training and awareness center for women.

In the framework of this project, the UNDP-ART GOLD North Lebanon replaced the old dental clinic by a new one in addition to fully rehabilitating the kindergarten and equipping it with audiovisual equipment, toys and furniture.

This project is funded by “Les Amis du Liban à Monaco” Association, one of UNDP-ART GOLD Lebanon’s main partners since 2009 that has funded several projects both in North and South Lebanon, the Bekaa region and Beirut Southern Suburbs.

Around 65.000 inhabitants from Bab Al Tebbaneh and the surrounding areas are benefiting from the rehabilitation of the dental care unit. The project also aims to increase the number of children attending the kindergarten from 31 to 50 children per month.