Journalists from different media outlets collaborate to write about civil campaigns in a joint supplement with Annahar and As-safir

Apr 3, 2013

UNDP Lebanon - Second Issue Journalists Pact

Lebanon is characterized by its powerful and vital civil society which has a long, proud history in addressing socio-economic, legal and political challenges facing the country, as well as in safeguarding and promoting human rights. Its importance resides in the fact of being inclusive of all the country’s political, religious, class and cultural differences.  

“Civil society movements are not only an opportunity to respond to current and important issues that affect our lives, but also a mean to mitigate potential conflicts as well as a catalyst for the formulation and implementation of laws in modern society” said Mr. Robert Watkins, UNDP Resident Representative, in his editorial in the Strengthening civil peace in Lebanon joint supplement.  

This supplement, published concurrently with Annahar and As-safir newspapers on March 22nd 2013, shed the light on the civil movements and on a number of campaigns launched by various Lebanese civil society organizations and actors. In the second issue of this joint news supplement, the UNDP “Strengthening Civil Peace in Lebanon” project funded by the European Union, has collected 10 written contributions from different newspapers and websites around the different civil campaigns currently being launched in the country.  

Journalists from Annahar, As-safir, Al Balad, Al Mustaqbal, Al Hayat and Al Liwaa newspapers, Al Modon electronic newspaper and Now website have engaged in strengthening the idea of civil movement through their written contributions. Who launched the campaign? How, when and why was it launched? Who participated in its activities? What are its main activities? What are the current and future plans of this campaign? What are the constraints and the problems faced by these campaigns? What is the importance of such civil movements in strengthening civil peace in Lebanon?  

These are some of the many questions that the journalists tackled in their articles. 

In this regard, Mr. Watkins explained that the civil society is often considered as the conscience which monitors and holds government, business and other decision makers accountable, while defending the human rights of those who often lack a voice in decision making. 

For Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon, “it is very crucial to know what the strengths of civil society organizations are and how they can be strengthened more and more and what are the lessons learned from the Arab spring.” 

Ambassador Eichhorst hoped that the supplement can be a way forward for a better civil mobilization. 

In addition to the print distribution of more than 28 000 copies with Annahar and As-safir, the supplement was highly disseminated and circulated on the social media networks and on the UNDP Lebanon website.

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