Teachers trained to promote social cohesion and spread a culture of peace

Dec 3, 2013

undp lebanon - “peace building and conflict resolution skills” training for public schools teachers in North Lebanon

In November 2013, 70 public school teachers from North Lebanon and Bekaa region returned home with valuable conflict transformation and peace building skills and techniques. They have attended a three day workshop conducted by the Center for Active Citizenship and For Development on conflict transformation and peace building.

They learned how to explore, analyze and examine alternatives for discriminative and intolerant behaviors in conflict and violence situations and how to deal with the current challenges and rising tensions inside classrooms because of the Syrian crisis and the influx of Syrian students to the public schools. They have also developed their skills in conflict resolution, nonviolence, problem solving, and negotiation and mediation techniques.

“The training empowered us to assume a peace building role in our schools and communities and provided us with necessary tools to apply key peace building concepts, “ said Theodora Jaafar, a teacher working in the public school of Al Qasr northern village

 “Sometimes I used to think that we, as teachers, are helpless and that we can’t do a thing to stop the tensions, but after I have attended this training, I know that each teacher can participate in doing so”, she added.

In response to the escalating tensions reported in the border regions between Lebanese and Syrians, visible mainly inside schools, the UNDP Strengthening Civil Peace in Lebanon project, in partnership with UNHCR worked on introducing peace building concepts and skills to teachers coming from border communities.

Knowing that peace building is much needed  now not only in terms of stability but also to assure a sustainable nonviolence attitude in communities, the project has previously trained teachers in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and Wadi Khaled, covering, till date, all regions.

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