Civil-Military Cooperation Community Outreach interventions in Beirut

26 Feb 2014

imageundp lebanon - medical equipment provided by UNDP in collaboration with the Lebanese Army

Under the High Patronage of the Army Commander in Chief, the United Nations Development Programme  project “Addressing Urban Host Spots  in Lebanon” in partnership with the Lebanese Army launched a ceremony for equipping four centers with medical equipment intended for the poor and the most vulnerable in Beirut area: Mazraa, Tariq El Jdidi, Sabra and Burj Abi Haidar. The ceremony was held on Tuesday February 18th at the Central Military Club – Beirut.

It was attended by the representative of the Lebanese Army Commander General Amin Al Orom, UNDP country director Mr. Luca Renda, representatives from UNIFIL, UNSCOL, and OHCHR in addition to representatives from different municipalities, ministries and associations.

Mr. Luca Renda UNDP country Director said in his speech, “it is my pleasure to be here today to mark the launch of the Lebanese Army Civil-Military community outreach interventions in Beirut. We expect that almost 6,000 residents of the communities in the mentioned areas of Beirut, will benefit from these interventions.

Representative of the Lebanese Army Commander in Chief, General Amin Al Orom gave a speech mentioning the importance of the reducing the burdens on local citizens through such activities, “I would like to give credit to the Civil-Military Cooperation Programme which has been and still is providing medical and daily requirements for a large segment of citizens and especially students in remote areas of Lebanon.” He also thanked the UNDP and all the contributing agencies who have helped in expanding the programmes activites.

The “Addressing Urban Hot Spots” in Lebanon Project is an initiative that aims to reduce and mitigate inter and intra communal tensions, as well as potential outbreaks or escalation of violence at the local level in conflict prone areas identified in Beirut and Saida; in Beirut the Mazraa-Tariq el Jdidi-Burj Abi Haidar-Sabra Area and in the Saida the Adjacent Areas to the Ainel Helwe Camp.

The event marks the implementation of the Lebanese Army CIMIC pilot community outreach interventions in the Mazraa-Tariq el Jdidi-Burj Abi Haidar and Sabra area. Based on consultations with key local and national actors, the plan jointly developed includes the provision and delivery of medical and IT equipment to medical and social centers located in the area. The event serves the communication around the Army’s CIMIC efforts under the AUHS project for enhanced stability and conflict prevention in the current tensed situation.

Following was the speech of Ms. Iman Sleiman head of the social Development center of Musaytbeh in which she thanked the UNDP civil military cooperation for their efforts to provide an ultrasound Unit for their center, “this contribution will increase the medical checkups for pregnant women and cardiovascular patients.”

On the other hand, Ms. Sanaa El Kurdi, head of the Social Development Center of Tariq el Jdidi also thanked the joint cooperation for providing education and technical workshops for youth, “the provision of computers and modern processing equipment will ensure the reduction of illiteracy among youth and will enable them to get educated and find better job opportunities.”

As for Dr. Mohamad Tabash, representative of the Medical Dispensary at Tariq El Jdidi, he thanked the joint cooperation for providing a dental clinic and electrocardiogram for the center.

Finally, Dr. Jamal Moumtaz, representative of the Medical Center of Tamlees, also gave a speech in which he said, “thanks to the Lebanese army and UNDP, we have been able to rehabilitate the center in order to receive more than 35 seated people. Your contribution of an electroencephalograph and Dental equipment will enable us to help the needy in a more effective way.”