Launch of 2014 Voter Registration Media Campaign

Feb 26, 2014


As part of its annual update of the voter register, the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM) launched the 2014 Voter Registration Media Campaign. The aim of the campaign, which runs from 10 February to 10 March, is to remind citizens of their right to check the voter register during the one-month update period. The theme of the campaign – ‘A single mistake can prevent you from voting’ – highlights that a citizen should confirm the accuracy of their data on the voter register now in order to prevent any problems on polling day.  

The UNDP Lebanese Electoral Assistance Project (LEAP) supported the MoIM in producing and managing this campaign which entailed TV and radio spots, billboards, press adverts, flyers and posters. A social media focus also included a Facebook page “Lebelections2014” and a Twitter account “Lebelect2014”. In addition, a hotline service was established to provide citizens with direct assistance on questions related to voter registration.