“Live Lebanon” initiative enhances infrastructure in Tarayya village in partnership with BBAC

May 27, 2014

undp lebanon - inauguration of the drinking water reservoir in Taraya village

Thanks to the support of Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha and UNDP “Live Lebanon” initiative and in partnership with each of Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC), the General Directorate of Emigrants, and Union of Western Baalbeck municipalities, Tarayya village has inaugurated a project aiming at setting up a drinking water reservoir in the area and that during a ceremony held in Shmestar in the center of Union of Western Baalbeck municipalities in the presence of the village’s actors and representatives of the UNDP and BBAC.

In a speech he delivered after the national anthem, the Union Chairman Mr Zahi El-Zein welcomed the visitors, thanked those who participated in the completion of the project and commended the efforts of "Live Lebanon" initiative in improving the infrastructure in Tarayya.

As for UNDP representative, Mr Raghed Assi, and the Head of the BBAC branch in Baalbeck, Mr Ussama Abdel Sater, they highlighted in their speech the commitment of "Live Lebanon" to supporting projects encompassing the whole of Lebanon.

On his part, Mr. Ghaleb Farha expressed his delight over the completion of this project and stressed his continued support for "Live Lebanon" initiative in order to achieve sustainable development.

This project included the restoration of one of the natural springs and the building of a drinking water reservoir to be linked to the water source. The importance of this project lies in improving and regulating the usage of groundwater, reducing the waste of these natural resources in addition to facilitating the access of clear water to all residents of the village evenly.

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