The launch of irrigation canals in Beshwet with the support of a new development project for “Live Lebanon” and BBAC

Jun 24, 2014

undp lebanon - inauguration of irrigation canal in Beshwet Lebanon

The municipality of Beshwet inaugurated a project to construct irrigation canals with the support of Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Fadi Salameh and the UNDP’s “Live Lebanon" initiative in partnership with Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC) and in collaboration with the Association of Cooperatives in Deir El-Ahmar, in a ceremony held in Saydet Beshwet Church in the presence of heads of municipalities and mayors in addition to political, religious and social figures.

After the national anthem, the mayor of Beshwet, Mr. Hamid Keyrouz, gave a speech in which he thanked those who participated in the completion of the project and commended the efforts exerted by “Live Lebanon" initiative in its quest to achieve a balanced development in all Lebanese territory.

As for the Head of the BBAC branch in Beshwet, Mr. Ussama Abdul Sater, he praised in his speech the Bank's commitment to supporting the local community without distinction or discrimination at all levels in the hope that this project be a good omen for all the people of the Bekaa.

UNDP representative, Mr Raghed Assi, highlighted the commitment of “Live Lebanon" initiative to supporting such development projects to encompass all Lebanese territory in a balanced manner in order to improve the standard of living.

As for Mr. Ghaleb Farha, he expressed his delight over the completion of this project and stressed his continued support for "Live Lebanon" initiative with a view to achieving sustainable development and helping disadvantaged countries to enjoy a better life.

The importance of this project lies in increasing the irrigated farmland and doubling agricultural production to more than 400 farms in the town of Deir El-Ahmar and surrounding villages in the Northern Bekaa. In fact, "Live Lebanon" has always sought to support the most disadvantaged communities in Lebanon to achieve a better life at the social and economic levels.

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