"And it can only get better” through the contributions of Lebanese in Lebanon and abroad

Jul 17, 2014

undp lebanon - And it can only get better Campaign

In partnership with Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries (BBAC),  UNDP's "Live Lebanon" initiative launched a media campaign entitled “And it can only get better” to engage the Lebanese expatriates in the social recovery process through encouraging them to donate money to support development projects across Lebanon.

This media campaign is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UN Information Center and a large segment of Lebanese singers, actors and media figures who shed light on the role of the Lebanese expatriate in the social development process, and it will be broadcasted throughout the summer by most of satellite and ground stations.  A mobile application was created by this initiative to identify the projects in need of financial support so that it can reach the greatest possible number of users. Moreover, the campaign was promoted on the website of the initiative www.livelebanon.org and on social media networks.

Besides this media campaign, “Live Lebanon” initiative depends mainly on the effective and significant role played by its Goodwill Ambassadors in terms of the collection of contributions and promotion of the initiative abroad.

The importance of this initiative lies in raising funds for the implementation of the projects put forward by municipalities, associations and NGOs to meet the needs of the largest segment of civil society.

In partnership with BBAC, “Live Lebanon” initiative operates in a transparent and comprehensive way to enable the Lebanese citizens, especially the expatriates, to directly support the development of all Lebanese regions.

It is noteworthy that the initiative has implemented since 2012 more than 40 projects that benefited about half a million Lebanese.

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