Support to the Lebanese Army organizational development - Enhanced Technical Skills for the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Section

Aug 22, 2014

undp lebanon - The Enhanced Technical SKills training for CIMIC

 The “Addressing Urban Hot Spots in Lebanon” project organized a 6 day training workshop in essentials of Project Management for LAF designated and non-designated CIMIC personnel from August 18th to 23rd 2014 at the Monroe Hotel, as part of UNDP’s continuous support to the Lebanese Army capacity building and organizational development.

The training workshop was attended by 15 LAF officers and non-commissioned officers and aimed at enhancing their technical skills in Project and Financial Management, Administrative and Internal Communications skills.

The purpose of the training was to empower the LAF CIMIC section personnel with sound technical skills in order to ensure effective implementation of the LAF CIMIC National strategy, whereby the cooperation between the Lebanese Army and the civil institutions, the citizenry, and all the inhabitants of the country is crucial for peace building and enhanced stabilization. The training workshop was provided in line with the work principles, planning process, goals, prototype missions and range of activities indicated in the National strategy.

Following 18 months of institutional and technical support to the LAF CIMIC section, the “Addressing Urban Hot Spots in Lebanon” project partners; UNDP, UNIFIL and UN-OHCHR as well as UNSCOL are working with the Lebanese Army in order to strengthen a partnership that has resulted to date in achieving the following milestones:

·         Development and endorsement of a National Civil-Military Cooperation strategy and its five year action plan

·         Rehabilitation and equipment of the Civil-Military Cooperation section headquarters offices in the Shukri Ghanem barracks in Fayadieh

·         Support to the capacity development in Civil-Military Relations/Cooperation skills for 20 designated and non-designated officers and non-commissioned officers in-country with UNIFIL and abroad with the Italian and Serbian Armed Forces

·         Support to planning and implementation of pilot community outreach interventions in South Lebanon and Beirut conflict prone areas respectively benefiting 1 hospital and 4 medical centers together serving a population of 12,000 residents of Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian nationalities

·         Support to the CIMIC section and Directorate of Orientation through the procurement of high end communications’ material