Open Day for WASH awareness campaign

28 Aug 2014

imageundp lebanon - training on home accidents

As part of the WASH awareness campaign launched last March in Palestinian Gatherings,  an open day was organized August 21st, in Shabriha, Tyre, in partnership with local partner NABAA.

During the open day, children and their families visited six corners that tackled different WASH themes, including water conservation, personal hygiene, household and environmental hygiene, head lice and Scabies, food safety, and home accidents. Seeking to build healthier environments in Gatherings, social workers and volunteers provided the community with easy and practical tips on prevention and treatment of hygiene-related health hazards. The open day also included dirty clown shows to promote personal and environmental hygiene best practices among children. Throughout the day, screening of three animation movies produced earlier by children took place in the nearby Nabaa center.

Communicated in children’s own language, the movies served as an excellent tool to raise awareness on risky behaviors related to personal and environmental hygiene and reproductive health. Three other open days are planned for this month in different Palestinian Gatherings, tentatively in Beddawi in the North and Sekke and Jabal ElHalib in Saida.