Climate Act agenda striving for a better and healthier future by 2030

Jul 12, 2017

Under the auspices of H.E. the Prime Minister El Hariri represented by the Minister of Environment Tarek Al-khatib , Lebanon celebrated the first anniversary of “Lebanon Climate Act” held at the 'Université Saint-Joseph on July 10, 2017.

This initiative is implemented by Green Mind Organization in cooperation with UNDP and in support of   Banque Du Liban and in coordination with the chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Beirut, in support of regional clima–South funded by the European Union


The Lebanon climate Act was officially launched last year, 2016, with the aim of tracking private sector actions in meeting Lebanon’s’ Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC)officially submitted at COP21. This project was established to tackle climate change challenges while simultaneously increasing economic growth and generating a better value of life for future generations. In the first year ceremony of Lebanon’s participation in this climate action by the private sector, the first group of pilot member companies of “Lebanon’s Climate Act”, Governor of Banque Du Liban, Riad Salemeh, , UNDP Resident Representative, Philippe Lazzarini, CEO of Renault-Nissan Alliance, Carlos Ghosn President of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon (FCCIAL) Mouhammad Choucair, President of Green Mind NGO, Nada Zaarour, and EU Ambassador, Christina Lassen joined the stage to discuss the importance of having both individual and collaborative effort toward achieving Lebanon’s set goals in reducing global warming.


Along the conference, Ms. Nada Zaarour President of Green Mind NGO commenced her speech while elaborating upon Green Mind’s general objectives towards seeking a better environmental, social, and economic growth in Lebanon while simultaneously maintaining a sustainable environment that coexists with Lebanon’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. Moreover, Ms. Zaarour stated one of the effective mechanisms that Lebanon is currently undertaking which consisted of providing professional trainings for more than 100 companies under “Business Knowledge Platform” established as part of the Lebanon Climate Act. Such trainings helped educate companies in amending their programs towards an eco-friendly vision. Nada Zaarour concluded her speech by encouraging non-participant companies, in taking the proper initiatives towards becoming members of Lebanon Climate Act.


Carlos Ghosn was able to deliver his message via video by stating the importance of automobile companies’ collaboration in Lebanon Climate Act overtime in order to maintain a sustainable future and environment. One of the main achievements Ghosn elaborated on was the ability of his company to sell 450,000 electrical vehicles that included up to 95% of recycled materials so far. He finished his speech by emphasizing on the Act’s thriving and continuous progress in Lebanon through a united work effort to reach a sustainable planet.Likewise, President of FCCIAL, Mouhammad Choucair, also insisted on Lebanon’s role in preserving its responsibility under the Paris Agreement without any exceptions. He also added, that Lebanon is unable to withstand any global warming repercussions if serious actions are not prolonged sustainably.


Furthermore, Mr. Philippe Lazzarini’s (UNDP RR) contribution was filled with optimistic visions concerning both Lebanon’s collaboration with the Paris Agreement and UNDP’s continuous effort with the government in motivating clean energy investments. He added that such an effort had also created a new complimentary relation between the public and private sector in addition to having these private sectors being globally recognized to help reach a more ecological earth for the future generations. Christina Lassen (the EU Embassador ) also elaborated upon EU’s continuous effort, as the largest contributor and donor, to support any projects in Lebanon that aim to contribute in combating climate change. She urged officials to double their efforts and environmental adjustments at the heart of their business strategies to target for a better future. She assured that EU would continue in playing a central role in fighting for a healthier life around the world in any way possible.


Last but not least, Riad Salameh (the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon) ended the keynote speech by highlightingthe Banque Du Liban’s direct and indirect role in achieving Lebanon Climate Act’s goals. Moreover, he mentioned the Banque’s main achievements in financing all programs that are willing to play a role in global climate change which can indeed assist Lebanon in building new educational systems that promote clean environments to live in. Salameh also elaborated on the Banque’s key role nowadays in achieving a better future in distinctive ways, rather than just having to deal with financial cliché matters. Moreover, Salameh indicated Banque Du Liban’s previous collaboration with UNDP and EU since 2010 in dealing with renewable energy, which had already pushed Lebanon to a better platform environmentally and economically. He concluded his statement by urging public sectors, private sectors, and the society to pressure any effort that would strive for the continuation of this climate agreement.

Finally, the ceremony came to an end by distributing recognition awards to the LCA companies in Lebanon who prepared a climate action plan.

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