Closing ceremony for the installation of 102 Green Houses in North Lebanon

Sep 5, 2013

The United Nations Development Programme “Recovery of NBC surrounding communities affected by the 2006 and 2007 conflicts” project is organizing a closing ceremony for “Supply and Installation of 102 Greenhouses in North Lebanon” activity. The ceremony will take place on Wednesday September 4th at the municipality of Halba at 10 a.m.  

The delegation will visit some of the Green House locations and listen to the farmers’ comments. UNDP Country Director Luca Renda, Mr Manuel Duran Head of mission – Spanish Emabassy, the Municpalities of Wadi El Jamous, Bebnine, Muhammara, Bhannine, Minieh and Halba and the 102 beneficiaries’ farmers from these 6 Municipalities, Head of the Agriculture Department in Akkar Mr. Mohammad Taleb, director of the Agricultural Research Institute in Abdeh Mr. Michel Issa Khoury and the Spanish Ambassador will attend the ceremony. 

Based on socio-economic assessments and agricultural needs in North-Lebanon after the 2006 and 2007 conflicts, the rehabilitation of the greenhouse crop production sector was identified as a priority at the beginning of the project. With technical support from FAO, the most suitable greenhouse design for this initiative was selected for its durability and its capacity to increase both crop production and quality while using fewer pesticides. Based on an assessment, six municipalities were identified as most vulnerable in this sector: Wadi El Jamous, Bebnine, Muhammara, Bhannine, Minieh and Halba. 

The installation works were carried out between January and August 2013 and all 102 greenhouses were officially handed over to the following beneficiaries: 17 in Wadi El Jamous, 21 in Bebnine, 14 in Muhammara, 12 in Bhannine, 21 in Minieh and 17 in Halba.

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