Field Simulation Scenario on Disasters Response Byblos City.

May 7, 2014

Within the scope of implementing the National Response Plan, the Disaster Risk Management Unit at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with the collaboration of the National Committee of Disaster Management and the Response Committee of the Caza of Byblos will be implementing a field simulation scenario on earthquake associated with a tsunami disasters management in Byblos City at Saint Jean-Marc Ontosh Hall on Thursday 8 May 2014 at 9:30 am.

The simulation is part of the Byblos Casa Response Plan that was developed with the participation of Byblos Kaemakam, the Municipality of Byblos, the Armed Forces, the Civil Defense, the Lebanese Red Cross, in addition to all ministries and administrations represented in the Casa is in line with the National Response Framework for Disasters Management.

The simulation aims at putting into action the response plan including the Byblos Crisis Management Cell in terms of coordination, communication and cooperation among the different stakeholders in general, and the communication with the Field Operations Room established by the Lebanese Armed Forces to coordinate search and rescue operations with the Civil Defense, the Lebanese Red Cross, the Internal Security Forces and Byblos Municipality in specific. 
The event will include participants from the National Committee for disasters management and coordination at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers under the presidency of the General Secretary of the High Council of Defense, members of Byblos Crisis Management Cell, Army Operations, Internal Security Forces Operations, Civil Defense Operations, Lebanese Red Cross Operations and the team of Disaster Risk Management Unit.

Media coverage is highly required for this pioneer event as it supports increasing awareness on disaster risk reduction and highlights national efforts in building capacities for increasing Lebanon's resilience. Attached is the event agenda.

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