PM Hariri launches the “Warak Beirut” project



PM Saad Hariri launched today from the Grand Serail the “Warak Beirut” project that aims to implement sorting paper and cardboard from the source in public institution buildings in Beirut. The event was attended by UNDP Country Director, Mrs. Celine Moyroud, Beirut Governor, Judge Ziad Shebib, Beirut Mayor, Eng. Jamal Itani, Vice President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Mr. Georges Nasrawi, UNDP’s “Live Lebanon Project” Goodwill Ambassadors Ghaleb Farha and Farid Chedid, in addition to other figures.

The project which will be implemented by Beirut municipality in collaboration with UNDP is funded by Beirut municipality and Goodwill Ambassadors Mr. Farha and Mr. Chedid. The project will increase the rate of paper and cardboard sorting from source and will enhance recycling while decreasing the rate of burning and/or dumping.

The project’s first stage consists of the implementation of the sorting from source plan and includes all public institution buildings in Beirut. The plan includes an awareness campaign and the installation of sorting and storage bins and link institutions with recycling industries through local collectors.

The Circular Terms as signed by PM Hariri

“The municipality of Beirut, in collaboration with UNDP, began the implementation of “Warak Beirut” project that aims at sorting from source of paper and cardboard, to ensure recycling of this material as much as possible instead of disposing of it.

In its first stage, the project targets all public buildings, including ministries, public administrations and institutions that fall within Beirut’s administrative boundaries.

Therefore, and to ensure good implementation and the success of the project, all concerned public administrations and institutions are required to adhere to the following:

1-      Full cooperation with those in charge of the implementation of the project, in terms of the distribution of paper and cardboard sorting containers in all rooms and corridors, and installing one or more central container(s) within the building to store paper and cardboard before it is transported to recycling plants.

2-      Requesting all staff to sort recyclable paper and cardboard waste, and to exclusively throw it in containers designated for this purpose, ensuring it is not mixed with other waste (since mixing will lead to the loss of its value as recyclable material) also noting that those in charge of implementation will provide the necessary guidance.

3-      Appointment of a liaison officer by the concerned administration to cooperate with those in charge of implementation and ensure that all those in charge of cleaning and security work inside public administration buildings commit to the good implementation and success of the project.”

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