Institutional Support for Economic Stabilization and Trade Development


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 January 2017-31 December 2021


The Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET) is mandated to undertake along with other line Ministries the formulation of Lebanon's economic and trade policies. Within the Government's overall objectives, MoET has the responsibility of developing the economy through stimulating external trade, regulating the markets, and developing private public cooperation. The UNDP project at the Ministry of Economy and Trade (MoET) 2017-2019 addresses the key objectives and areas to support the fulfillment of the priorities of the ministry for economic growth, trade enhancement, internal markets development. It is intended to achieve the predefined objectives by upgrading the Ministry’s economic policy analysis, public services, legislative capacities, and promoting good governance. In 2017-2019, the project will carry out the implementation of this vision with pre-determined targets and indicative activities.

Expected Results

·         Strengthened institutional capacities of the Ministry of Economy and Trade with respect to economic and trade policy formulation, public sector regulation and management streamlining, SME support and development, develop partnerships with the international organizations and institutions, and other related matters falling within the competences of the Ministry.

·         Increased Lebanese exports by improving the competitiveness of Lebanese products and meeting up the international quality and standards requirements.

·         MOET high impact delivery capacity for efficient private public sector cooperation institutionalized and transfer of skills to the administration enhanced.



The structure of the project was reviewed at several instances for increased efficiency. A new strategy was developed for the project and the MOET in relations to UNDP. In addition, throughout the years, the project delivered the following:

·         Improving the capacities of MoET to implement trade and economic policies improved,

·         Promote Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) guidelines and purse private-public sector cooperation

·         Improve MoET high impact delivery capacity for efficient public sector services institutionalised, partnerships development, and transfer of skills to the administration enhancement.

·         Instruments to mitigate the impact of the Syrian Crisis on National economy developed.


Issues & Difficulties


·         The major constraint is the stalemate at the political front, which hinders the development of necessary policies for a quicker improvement in the business climate, economic development and legislative agenda.

·         The project might face a certain kind of resistance to cooperate from the public servants that could be alleviated through a participatory approach in the implementation of the different outputs and activities.

·         The financing of the second and third year might suffer from lack of additional funds due to the limited contribution of the government in this regard. The project and UNDP have to work on finding alternative sources of fund locally or through international agencies.

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