Support to the Lebanon Environmental Pollution Abatement Project (LEPAP)


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 January 2014-31 December 2019


The objective of the Lebanon Environmental Pollution Abatement Project (LEPAP) is to reduce industrial pollution in targeted industrial enterprises and to strengthen the monitoring and enforcement capabilities of the Ministry of Environment. LEPAP is a joint initiative between the MOE, the Ministry of Finance, Banque Du Liban (BDL), the World Bank and the Italian Cooperation to set up a mechanism for financing the abatement of industrial pollution in targeted industrial enterprises and to provide necessary technical assistance for ensuring the implementation and the sustainability of these interventions.

This project document covers one component of LEPAP which concerns the \ establishment and operation of the Project Management Unit (PMU) of LEPAP and which will be funded by the Italian Government through the Italian Cooperation.
 LEPAP is in line and is fully integrated within UNDP’s support to environmental management in Lebanon. It also reflects the importance given by the different international donors for supporting the environmental agenda in Lebanon.


Achievements & Expected results

Activity 1: Strengthen the monitoring and enforcement capabilities of the Ministry of Environment.
This output involves the establishment of a Project Management Unit (PMU)including the provision of needed technical expertise. The PMU will be housed at the MOE premises.
Activity 2: Capacity Building and strengthening of environmental awareness and for industrial compliance
- Communication and awareness raising constitute an instrumental element to achieve the objectives of LEPAP. This output builds on implementing various communication activities including awareness raising campaigns related to LEPAP interventions to enhance environmental awareness and compliance. Workshops/campaigns in various region of Lebanon will be conducted to inform stakeholders (industries, municipalities, etc.) about LEPAP and its activities. Media advertisement and interviews can be performed to ensure good dissemination of information about the project and the compliance decrees.
- The communication activities will include the development of publications including flyers and/or brochures related to LEPAP interventions that will transmit well-targeted messages to the concerned partners. At the initiation of LEPAP, a brochure addressed to the banking sector will be developed to clarify the objective of the project, budget effectiveness, eligible applicants and the sub-loan process and on-lending terms.
- This activity will also include the development of a designated website to LEPAP initiative and related activities including procedures, terms and conditions for accessing concessionary loans and grants for pollution abatement investments. At a later stage of project implementation, projects results and activities as well as project documents (e.g. project documents, safeguard documents, study reports, workshop reports, etc.) will also be published on this website.



Donor Amount Total
ITA $1,885,000.00 $1,885,000.00

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