Response to
the Syrian crisis

Ongoing projects

Small Decentralized Renewable Energy Power Generation - DREG

The Small Decentralized Renewable Energy Power Generation Project, also known as DREG, is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is to be nationally executed by the Ministry of Energy and…  

Institutional Support to the Ministry of Environment

The Ministry of Environment (MoE) is the national authority in Lebanon in charge of the protection of the environment. MoE has been established in Lebanon since 1993 and faces a variety of challenges…  

Sustainable Oil and Gas Development in Lebanon

This project aims at supporting the newly created, but not staffed yet, Petroleum Authority at the Ministry of Energy and Water, particularly the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Unit. The…  

Sustainable Land Management in the Qaraoun Catchment

The Qaraoun catchment is a critical source of water for urban use and food production, an important source of ecosystem services and a habitat for threatened biodiversity. But notwithstanding this…  

Integrated Solid Waste Management of Baalbek Caza

The Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) Project aims to introduce in Lebanon the techniques of a modern system to manage waste, reducing the amounts being disposed into landfills, recovering…  

Machrek Energy Development – Solar

The ENPI regional energy project aims at the promotion and implementation of innovative technologies and know-how transfer in the field of solar energy, particularly PV systems. In the target…  

Institutional Strengthening Project for the Implementation of Montreal Protocol in Lebanon (Phases VII -IX)

Lebanon is committed to the complete phase-out of ODS in accordance with the Montreal Protocol control schedule. Lebanon ratified the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol in March 1993.  

Lebanon’s Low Emission Capacity Building project

The Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) project aims to build on and/or complement existing and upcoming Lebanese government-led initiatives and develop the required capacities to achieve low…  

Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Lebanon’s Third National Communication to the UNFCCC

This project aims at assisting the Government of Lebanon with the enabling activities necessary to undertake the Third National Communication (TNC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on…  

Supporting Lebanese Communities, Promoting Stabilization and Social Cohesion in Lebanon – Access to renewable energy applications in Akkar

Lebanon is facing a major crisis in terms of large numbers of refugees fleeing the war in Syria, and finding shelter within Lebanese cities and towns across the country. The influx of refugees is…  

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