UNDP Women’s Basket Ball team takes the gold !

Achieving equality between men and women relative to the workplace, sports and sports beautifully intertwined on May 16th, 2018.  

UNDP strengthens EUMEDRAIL - LEBANON bilateral cooperation

In framework of the bilateral cooperation between European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) and Lebanon, UNDP Project Manager of the “Institutional Capacity Development of the Railway and Public…  

Festive Violence-Free Schools ceremony at the Minieh El Makaleh Public School

As one of the participants in the Violence Free Schools initiative, the Minieh El Makaleh Public School in Minieh, North Lebanon celebrated the final phase of the initiative in their school with a…  

Spring Arrives Early in Tripoli This Year

Just a few weeks from the beginning of spring, the students at al-Nour Intermediate Public School were burgeoning with ideas about peace education and non-violence in the school environment.  

Mashghara: Maintaining the Myth

Mashghara is a town in West Bekaa, Lebanon which is known to have been the summer residence of Prince Fakhreddine the second.  

“Frontlines Inside Our Minds”

The Fighters for Peace (FFP) NGO, funded and supported by the UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project, organized a playback theatre performance about stories and memories of war.  

“Peace Building in Lebanon” News Supplement, a Catalyst for a Peaceful and Hate-free Discussion in Zouk-Mikael, Keserwan

In the calm town of Zouk Mikael, Keserwan, right in the middle of the well-known old souk, around 40 persons coming from Beirut, Jbeil, Batroun and Zouk Mikael, were engaged in an open and…  

Nonviolence in Tripoli Schools: A Vision Towards a Better Generation

The Violence-Free Schools (VFS) initiative has completed its sensitization phase in Tripoli. With 15 intermediate public schools on board, students, teachers and parents were trained on the value of…  

Folklore Brings Lebanese and Syrian Youth Together in Kamed El Loz

Kamed El Loz in West Bekaa had its own Folklore troupe in 2017.  

“I Will Leave My Gun Behind”

The Fighters for Peace NGO (FFP), with the support of the UNDP “Peace Building in Lebanon” project, and funded by UNDP, organized a training retreat gathering the Fighters for Peace with Tripoli’s…  

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