A Sea of Opportunities


Fisherman Wafic Samra after a fishing trip using one of the new boats.


“I finally returned to the sea, to the life I love the most!”

After being forced to sell his boat, Wafic Samra spent years away from fishing. He was thrilled to go back to the profession he grew up practicing after the Fishermen Cooperative Association in the Chouf Coast received six new fully-equipped boats. Wafic was one of many fishermen in the area to regain access to the sea. Today, he anticipates more growth as he witnesses the ongoing rehabilitation and construction works in the Jiyeh Port.

“The new port will include a fish market, a boat maintenance workshop, storage rooms, boat parking lots, railways, sidewalks for the visitors, and more!” exclaimed the Head of the cooperative Mohamad Kojok.

The ongoing rehabilitation and construction works at the Jiyeh Port.

After the success of the first intervention with the fishermen and a thorough assessment for the North Eklim el Kharoub area needs, UNDP is implementing this project in partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs, and collaboration with the Ministry of the Public Works and Transport with the support of the UK, in the framework of the Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme. The port will soon fulfill the fishermen’s aspirations. The new fish market and the rehabilitated port motivate them through the promise of additional improvement in their livelihoods.

Wafic has always believed that the sea is vast and generous, and he can’t wait to explore what opportunities the new port will unveil.

The rehabilitation and construction of the port will create around 26,750 worker days.

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