Democratic governance
and institutional

Participative. Accountable. Responsive

The Democratic Governance Programme in Lebanon focuses on providing technical support for the institutional development of public institutions, and for formulation and implementation of economic, administrative and financial reform policies and legislations. It also supports policies related to improved governance, inclusive participation and empowerment. The Programme works in partnership with public institutions, Civil Society Organizations and Private sector.

In addition, the portfolio focuses on enhancing citizens’ opportunities to participate in the political decision-making processes and thus make institution more democratic, accountable and responsive. The Programme focuses on developing national strategies and plans for anti-corruption, human rights, gender equality and administrative reform.

Programmes and Initiatives

Support Office for Consensus Building, Civil Peace, and Constitutional Strengthening II
Lebanese Elections Assistance Project (LEAP)
Enhancing Decision-Making at the Office of the President of the Council of Ministers
Support to Civil Service Reform and Managment Capacity of Public Administration - Phase II
Institutional and Technical Support to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) towards Accessible and Quality Education
Fiscal Policy Advisory and Reform
Technical Support to the Lebanese Parliament
Institutional Support for Economic Stabilization and Trade Development
Sustaining and Enhancing the Institutional Capacity of Investment Development Authority of Lebanon - IDAL Phase II
Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals, Phase III
Institutional Capacity Development of the Railway and Public Transportation Authority
Preventing and Responding to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) with a special focus on Syrian Conflict related Sexual Violence, through Capacity Building, Advocacy and Knowledge Products
Technical Support to the Office of the Minister of State for Women Affairs (OMSWA)



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