Emerging promising practices from integrating GBV prevention into economic empowerment initiatives in Lebanon

Lebanon is facing a multilayered crisis marked by an economic and financial crisis, the COVID19 outbreak, a deadly explosion causing extensive damage to Beirut, and the continuous impact of the decade…  

What gets men interested in home-care duty?

To be more accurate, it is a one million thirty-seven six hundred sixty-four-dollar question. This projection is based on research from  

Constitutional challenges and the fight against impunity

Accountability is a fundamental tool for fighting corruption effectively, the formula for success being to make the cost of corruption, through holding the concerned individuals to account, much…  

Transparency and accountability in international assistance: The case of Lebanon

Wherever there are funds flowing, there is a risk of corruption. That’s a fact anywhere in the world and international aid, despite its humanitarian intent, is unfortunately no exception.  

Integrity safeguards in financing elections and political parties

Money is often deemed an integral component of democracy as it enables political participation, campaigning, and representation.  

Prevention of corruption in autonomous public institutions

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation.” The same applies to institutions. Strong institutions are critical for crisis recovery and economic development  

Workplace 2.0: Codesigning the new UNDP Lebanon offices

In Lebanon, the political and health crises of the last two years have been an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we work at UNDP Lebanon and where.  

UNDP Lebanon’s youth communities experiment with crowdsourcing a healthier internet

The UNDP Accelerator Labs Network is collaborating with the Healthy Internet Project, incubated at TED  

What does it mean to be data-driven and human-centered in post blast Beirut?

The organizational design of the UNDP Accelerator Labs have, un/fortunately, made our teams a good partner in crisis across the globe. For those of you who may not know  

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