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The programme currently implements more than 25 projects with different ministries, including the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and Water, Ministry of Agriculture, the Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute, and others.  The programme has shifted in its structure and thematic areas throughout the years depending on the priorities of the government and the changing environmental needs in the country.  At present, the programme focuses on the following main thematic areas which are also an integral part of the objectives set in the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF):


1.       Sustainable Development and Environment to meet the requirements set by international environmental conventions and protocols such as the Montreal Protocol, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Convention on Biodiversity.

2.       Adaptation to Climate Change and Water Management which includes the promotion of water management and conservation, protection of vulnerable water resources and awareness raising.

3.       Mitigating Climate Change and Sustainable Energy is one of the largest thematic areas under implementation.  The programme supports the Government of Lebanon to meet its target of 12% renewable energy by 2020 while promoting demand-side energy management and energy conservation.


In most of these projects, gender aspects are taken into consideration to ensure that equal opportunities are provided to both men and women. For example, some projects work specifically with rural women cooperatives and active women organizations in different geographical areas of the country.

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