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Lebanon Stabilization and Recovery Programme 2017

Lebanon Stabilization and Recovery Programme - 2017

Feb 24, 2017

The Stabilization and Recovery Programme has three core aims:

1. Enhance the stability and resilience of vulnerable communities:

The SRP provides host communities and those displaced by the crisis with access to basic services, improved livelihoods, and formal and informal mechanisms of conflict resolution. These projects use a participatory methodology to identify gaps in service delivery, economic tensions, and demand for stability-directed interventions. They thereby build bridges between communities.

2. Support key public institutions to develop their capacity for crisis management:

The SRP supports national, subnational, and municipal institutions by training staff and improving their ability to respond to the crisis. UNDP supports national government and ministries through data-driven research and policy development and by providing needed personnel. It also supports regional and local government with planning, project development, service delivery, and rule-of-law functions.

3. Coordinate stabilization and recovery activities throughout Lebanon:

The SRP works to bridge the divide between the humanitarian and development communities, bringing the Lebanese government, international agencies, and donors together in a single planning process under the LCRP. Through its inter-agency coordination role, UNDP ensures that all activities conducted under the response plan support Lebanon’s stability and resilience. UNDP is also the lead agency for the Social Stability, Livelihoods, and Energy sectors.

Working closely with national governments and vulnerable communities, UNDP has pioneered a resilience-based approach to programming, placing it ‘at the front and center of host community support’.

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