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Below The Surface: Results of a Whatsapp Survey of Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Lebanon
WhatsApp Surveying Guide: Lessons Learnt from Two Qualitative WhatsApp surveys in Lebanon

UNDP Innovation 'Speak up via WhatsApp' Project

Feb 7, 2019

UNDP Lebanon just published a research report and a surveying guide based on two qualitative WhatsApp surveys we conducted with Syrian refugees and host communities in Qaraoun and Bar Elias in 2017 and 2018.

1036 people participated in these surveys sharing their perspectives on local tensions, safety, needs, fears and the future through voice and text messages. 84% of refugee households in Lebanon use WhatsApp making it an important tool for research, communication and programming.

The WhatsApp surveying guide provides an overview of the key considerations and practical steps involved in qualitative WhatsApp surveying and reflects on ethical and methodological implications of doing WhatsApp surveying with vulnerable communities. 

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