Fighting Corruption is a Process Not Just a Promise or a Slogan


Corruption undermines human development. It corrodes rule of law and destroys public trust in governments and leaders.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) make an explicit link between corruption and peaceful, just and inclusive societies. SDG 16 and its targets on reducing bribery, strengthening institutions and accessing information are not only valuable aspirations in their own right, they are also vital conditions for the achievement of all the 17 goals.

To know more about anti-corruption instruments in Lebanon, UNDP produced the following 7 videos: 


“Remember, being informed is necessary to hold people accountable.”If corruption prevails, we will all pay the price"


Whistleblower’s protection

Because whistleblowers are vulnerable to various kinds of threats and harm, they must be protected by law

Illicit Enrichment

Criminalizing Illicit Enrichment is an effective way to prevent impunity

Access to Information

Access to information tells you how public finds are being spent. By having the right to be informed, people can fulfill their duty of holding the State accountable


The convention enshrines the most important measures to be taken by States to combat corruption


The National Anti-Corruption Strategy is the government’s plan to build a comprehensive system against corruption

The plan of action delineated and adopted by the State to achieve specific goals relating to anti-corruption


The National Anti-Corruption Commission has the authority to collect information and request investigations in cases of corruption

Independence of the Judiciary

A financially and administratively independent council should manage the affairs of the judges

Content Originator: Arkan El-Seblani, Chief Technical Advisor & Regional Project Manager Anti-Corruption and Integrity in Arab Countries-UNDP




This video is produced for public awareness-raising purposes and is not meant to be comprehensive or conclusive. It is neither a substitute for technical or legal advice nor is it necessarily representative of the views of the United Nations Development Programme.


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