UNDP and Bank Audi Launch the Moto Ambulance Project in Partnership with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and LBCI

In partnership with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and LBCI, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Bank Audi have announced the launch of the Moto Ambulance project pertaining to the Directorate General of the Lebanese Civil Defense.

Heavy traffic in our main cities being the main barrier to the quick and efficient arrival of emergency medical services, those medical motorcycles equipped with first-aid kits and trained staff will arrive before regular ambulances to stabilise victims, deliver quick assistance and increase their chances of survival.

Mr. Samir Hanna, Chairman and Group CEO of Bank Audi, underlined the Bank’s “immediate endorsement of the project” and the added value brought by the collaboration of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, the UNDP and LBCI. He also pointed to the importance of such a collaboration between a public entity, an international organisation, and the private sector to deliver sustainable solutions, highlighting “Bank Audi’s solid belief in optimism which is key to opening new horizons and to building a brighter future.”

Bank Audi’s adoption of the Moto Ambulance project is an additional testimony of the civic role it has always played, a heritage it is proud to count among its many activities dedicated to social well-being and community development.

General Raymond Khattar, General Director of the Lebanese Civil Defense, seized the occasion to indicate that “the increase in the population and in the number of cars has led to very heavy traffic citizens are suffering from and which is preventing ambulances from arriving on time; this is how the idea of using moto ambulances came up.” He added: “The next phase will focus on increasing the number of motorcycles and of trained staff, and deploying them in all Lebanese regions.”

Mrs. Celine Moyroud, UNDP Resident Representative a.i., stated: “UNDP, along with our Goodwill Ambassadors Mrs. Saada Al Assaad Fakhry and Mr. Ghaleb Farha, is happy to support the Civil Defense paramedics and to help them in their mission to save lives. I would also like to extend my thanks to the Executive Secretary of the National Road Safety Council, the Champs Fund, and North Assurance who participated in bringing this project to life.” She added: “We know that the first few minutes for people that are injured are critical, with a survival rate expectancy above 65%. Today, we are glad to announce that their response time will greatly improve, with the provision of moto ambulances that will allow paramedics to reach their destination in the fastest possible way.”

H.E. Mrs. Raya Haffar El Hassan, Minister of Interior and Municipalities, expressed her satisfaction on the project, saying: “This initiative undoubtedly represents a leap towards the improvement of emergency services in Lebanon, and will hopefully contribute to saving many lives.”

The project will be deployed in key cities around Lebanon, starting with Beirut, where such a solution is deemed necessary. It will be accompanied by a major national awareness campaign highlighting the role of paramedics and engaging citizens in favour of the Civil Defense, to which LBCI will bring its support.


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