As Lebanon faces the COVID-19 crisis, which compounds an ongoing socio-economic, fiscal and political crisis, structural inequities affecting women and girls have increased.

UNDP and UN Women launched a joint campaign in order to spread awareness and facts and warn against women abuse and mistreatment.

The campaign’s concrete goal was to ensure that both the general public and decision makers are aware of and receptive to social norms that adequately address the needs of women during this time of crisis with the coronavirus.

The campaign’s first phase, initiated in April 2020, and lasted for 15 days, targeted women and men in households through the #TogetherandEqualLebanon challenge. Many people including celebrities and influencers and Michael Haddad the UNDP Arab States Goodwill Ambassador for climate action, participated by sending photos and videos of men sharing in the domestic workload. In addition to 16 messages were published in both Arabic and English on social media to publish facts and statistics as well as to urge cooperation with women in their homes.

 The second phase will include designing a series of interactive game templates that mainly push men to “Buy-in” to the change.

UNDP and UN Women are working jointly to spread the norm of acting together and share the burden to stay safe and defeat COVID-19.

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