Friday, August 28, 2020, Today the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Deputy Resident Representative, Mr. Mohammad Salih visited the Covid-19 Isolation Centre in Maad, Mount Lebanon, along with H.E. the UK Ambassador, Mr. Chris Rampling, Jbeil’s Qaem-Maqam Ms. Nathalie Merhi El Khoury, and other stakeholders from the area.

The UNDP through funds from the British Government, is supporting the set-up of 10 Covid-19 Isolation Centres across Lebanon. This support is translated in the rehabilitation of the centres, the provision of necessary equipment, and the assistance in operations in partnership with the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) to contain the spread of the virus and reduce pressure on hospitals. The scope of operation under the partnership with the LRC covers the provision of contingency equipment, uninterrupted electrical power, food, hygiene material and services, as well as safety and protection measures training to staff.

“UNDP is a close partner of ours in Lebanon and these centres represent a powerful cooperation between the local community and international partners. With Covid-19 risks and challenges increasing, particularly after the Beirut Explosion, it is important to work together to help the most vulnerable people who are not able to isolate at home” H.E. the UK Ambassador, Mr. Chris Rampling.

“This centre would not have seen the light if it weren’t for joint efforts represented through support from the governor and our role in the Qaimaqamiyya in cooperation with the moukhtar, the Al Salam Organization, and the United Nations Development Program, through the financial support from the British government for which we are grateful.

We thank everyone who contributed and worked to transform this site into a quarantine center.” Qaem-Maqam of Jbeil, Ms. Nathalie Merhi.


The UNDP’s response to the pandemic is framed around three objectives; helping Lebanon to prepare for and protect people from the pandemic and its impacts, respond during the outbreak, and recover from its economic and social impact.

“UNDP is working closely with local and international partners including sister UN agencies to ensure a coordinated response to COVID-19 in Lebanon. We are here to face a challenge. The isolation centres or what I would call recovery centres, allow people to recover and re-join society. We are grateful to have a solid partnership with the UK that allows us to support Lebanon especially in this multi-faceted crisis the country is going through” UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Mr. Mohammad Salih.

The UNDP and in partnership with the Lebanese Red Cross, the Disaster Risk Management Unit, the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, local and national institutions, and other key agencies has mobilized resources in an inclusive and integrated approach to Covid-19 crisis management as part of the national response plan. This response includes the development of campaigns on safety awareness and anti-stigma and fake news, a manual for the setup and management of isolation centres, the provision of personal protective equipment, in addition to the development of training material for local actors to ensure preparedness at the national and local levels.


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