Country Entrepreneurship for Distributed Renewables Opportunities


Short Title: CEDRO V

UNDP Programme/Portfolio: Environment & Energy

Geographic Coverage: Lebanon

Project Status: Ongoing

Start Date: 15 November 2019

Expected End Date: 14 November 2023

Implementing Agency: UNDP (Direct Execution) (UNDP)

Last Updated: 03 December 2019


The CEDRO 5 project on the one hand, aims at assisting the Government of Lebanon to reach its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE/EE). On the other, it aims at assisting Lebanon in fostering growth for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and creating jobs from the momentum of existing value chains in RE/EE and creating new momentum in new RE/EE value chains. Technology transfer is done through the pilot projects – in both industrial and commercial sectors – demonstrating and disseminating different technologies / solutions in Lebanese context to support their commercial uptake, thereby creation of new jobs. All of which will be framed under the umbrella of one activity focused on fostering an innovation and entrepreneurship environment dedicated to find creative solutions to the energy sector, create new markets/value chains and attract strong buy-in from the existing energy SMEs.

The project will provide mentorship for existing SMEs and assist them in identifying potential for scaling up their operations. It will also assist new ventures (start-ups) to reach the marketplace, through the mentoring, seed funding, and networking platforms (through a procured incubator). The actions go in harmony with the country’s overall momentum in line with the strategy of the four main ministries (Ministry of Energy and Water, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economy and Trade and the Ministry of Industry).

Achievements & expected results

In specific, activities were designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the EE & RE sectors through technology transfer, advancing existing and creating new value chains, assisting in the scale-ups of existing EE & RE companies and ensuring the sustainability of knowledge transfer. In addition, the project will support to pave the way for enabling incentives for RE.

Overall, CEDRO 5 will undertake the following five interlinked main activities with 5 sub-activities under Activity 2. 

Activity 1: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Research

(1) Create an ‘Energy Hub’ with a local incubator to foster collaboration between the available initiatives and stakeholders for the clean energy transition in Lebanon, (2) support green start-ups and entrepreneurs for clean energy transitions through synergies created with the main players in the energy sector, (3) establish ‘scale-up’ mentoring for selected local RE and EE companies to grow their businesses and introduce innovation to their operations, and (4) support women entrepreneurship and employment in the sector Activity

2: Technology Transfer

(1)Advancing commercial-scale solar PV with storage, variable drive gensets, and modern control, (2)Advancing the local ‘ARZ’ green building certification through a free and new online portal and through paid official certification processes,

(3)New value chain established for solar thermal and advancing existing energy efficiency for industry/manufacturing,

(4)New value chain established for biogas applications, (5)Advancing SEACAP / SEEAP applications through direct interventions (in coordination with Clima-MED project team), and further support for innovative financing and regulatory

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