Energy and Waste Solutions


Short Title: Energy and Waste Solutions

UNDP Programme/Portfolio: Environment & Energy

Geographic Coverage: Lebanon

Project Status: Ongoing

Start Date: 01 June 2014

Expected End Date: 31 December 2020

Implementing Agency: UNDP (Direct Execution) (UNDP)


The massive increase in demand by the Syrian crisis makes upgrading of the electricity infrastructure inevitable to provide this service as per the national norms and standards, safely and equally to all. In the same manner, the local facilities have been incapable to cope with the incremental generation of solid waste attributed to the inflow of the displaced Syrians, creating a public health and environmental crisis.

To mitigate the negative impact of the ciris, the project will undertake the provision of transformers (medium to low voltage) to improve the electric current; reinforcement, rehabilitation and implementation of low/medium voltage cables and poles; provision of electrical systems to connect water sources to the electrical grid; and provision and installation of renewable energy sources in public institutions such as schools and healthcare facilities. In addition, the interventions include will include provision of solid waste management equipment to municipalities, as well as rehabilitation of unsanitary and/or illegal dumpsites wherever alternative options for environmentally-sound waste management is available and construction of integrated waste management facilities in line with national decisions.

Achievements & Expected Resutls


- Installation of renewable energy systems such as : 12 PV systmes for schools, hospitals and wastewater treatment plants; 400 solar home systems in households in Dinniyeh and Bekaa; rehabilitation of 19 storage systes in public school; upgrade of briquetting plants in Bkassine and Andqe

- Upgrade of distribution network in Bekaa and South (Installation of 43 low voltage transformers)

- North Bekaa: the bid was launched for the construction of a sanitary landfill to serve the union of municipalities of Deir Al Ahmar and some other villages;

- Bar Elias: The earth works of the sanitary landfill are 90% completed.

- Hezzerta: the Municipality was provided with the needed pick-up truck (10m3) for the collection and transport of waste to Zahle Facility. The necessary studies and assessment for the closure/rehabilitation of existing dumpsite is ongoing;

- ISWM Lebanon National Strategy: the ISWM National Strategy for the MoE (which was a requirement of the Law 80/2018) was finalized and translated into Arabic for the approval of the CoM.

Expected Results:

- Monitoring the installation of 43 low voltage transformers in key localities (in the 251 areas) in Bekaa and the South;

- Monitoring of all the 12 installed PV systems;

- Installation of 300 solar home systems in Dinniyeh;

- Rehabilitation of solar system of 15 sites (public schools);

- Upgrade of 2 briquetting plants in Bkassine and Andqet;

- Project activity is successfully completed, final report prepared and project is closed.

- The Environmental Study and construction of the Sorting Facility and the Sanitary Landfill for 9 villages in North Bekaa are completed;

- The additional cell(s) to enhance the capacity of Bar Elias Landfill is constructed;

- The assessment of Hazzerta dumpsite and the identification the optimal closure option including technical design,

specifications, BoQs, etc. are completed.

- Project activity is successfully completed, final report prepared and project is closed.

Issues & Difficulties

Access to implementation sites under security constrains

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