Institutional Capacity Development of the Railway and Public Transportation Authority



Status: Active

Project duration: 01 January 2016-31 December 2018 - Renewed till 2021

The project aims to support the modernization of the Railway and Public Transportation Authority. The main outcome of the designed project is to provide the necessary institutional capacity to the Railway and Public Transportation Authority to define, develop, and implement potential and strategic public transportation projects, as well as deliver a technical assistance in the implementation of reforms aiming at the modernization, and efficiency of both the institution and the public transportation sector in Lebanon. The project will develop a strategy to enhance the institutional capacities of the Railway and Public Transport Authority, and provide support through the subsequent phases for the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the reform plan and strategy.

Expected Results

·   Developed public transportation strategies.

·  Updated institutional and technical structural capacities of the RPTA;

·  Provision of support to the RPTA to coordinate and manage ongoing and potential technical projects.

· Identification of priority needs for external funding and creating linkages with resource organizations.


·      Supported the nomination of RPTA a main beneficiary for Greater Beirut Urban Transport Project – (BRT and Feeder Buses) for the supervision and oversight of the private operators: Referring to the Council of Ministers Decision 66, dated 2018/5/16, for the development and construction of a BRT and Feeder Buses project in Greater Beirut area, the World Bank will extend to the borrower (Lebanese Government) a loan on concessional terms in the amount of USD 295,000,000 .

·     UNDP unit has initiated the EIB- RPTA cooperation materialized by a grant allocation of EUROS 1 Million in frame of EIB Economic Resilience Initiative for the construction of bus network and its terminals in Greater Tripoli.

·     The unit assisted the EIB technical team on the preparation of Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Technical Assistance of Sustainable Urban Public Transport Investment Program for Greater Tripoli (SUPTIP).

·      Preparation and signature of the cooperation Agreement (CA) between the European Investment Bank, Railway and Railway and Public Transport Authority and the Ministry of Public Work and Transport.

·    Preparation of a workshop at Tripoli Governor Premises to present and debate the content of SUPTIP project document in presence of the EIB, UNDP, and municipalities.

·    Terms of Reference (TOR) prepared and budget allocated for the formulation of railway master plan and related expropriation decrees.

·      Terms of Reference prepared for a Mass transit system of the four corridors in Greater Beirut Area on the existing ROW between NBT - Khalde - Dora and Baabda. The World Bank adopted the project by launching a Pre- feasibility study for the southern and eastern corridors.

·       Provided a Technical Support for the preparation of procurement documents for the   renovation work of train stations, particularly for the existing buildings of Furn Chebbak and Mar Mikhael.

·    Assessed the current regulations and frameworks of the authority to strengthen the institutional capacity of RPTA and revise the current organizational structure, current staff and their qualifications, functional job descriptions, internal institutional bylaws, and working methods and procedures.

·       Preparation and signature of a protocol on the restoration and adaptive reuse project and practices for Mina Railway Station in Tripoli between  the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage and Museums, Ministry of culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and RPTA.

·       Undp Unit worked on collecting datas and designing the layout of OCFTC website in coordination with OMSAR.


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