Institutional Support to the Ministry of EnvironmentOverview

Status: Active

Project duration: 01 January 2010-31 December 2019


The Ministry of Environment (MoE) is the national authority in Lebanon in charge of the protection of the environment. MoE has been established in Lebanon since 1993 and faces a variety of challenges in undertaking its functions starting from the size and nature of environmental situation and its challenges in the country to the lack of human and financial resources as well as the challenge of mainstreaming environmental conservation within national planning. More so the ability of government agencies to perceive that sustainable development is the basis sound economical development.

This project aims at strengthening the capacity of the MoE in planning and programming for sustainable development, environmental inspection and enforcement and environmental capacity development. This will lead to the set-up of an enabling environment for sustainable environmental development.


Achievements & Expected Results

1. Assessment of needs for capacity development in environmental sustainability:

- Review existing strategies/plans, projects and studies.

- Identify data needs and gaps.

- Coordinate on-going environmental programmes and studies.

- Consult with stakeholders and partners.

- Assess status of environmental inspection and enforcement status, case study: Qaraoun.


2. Planning and programming for sustainable environmental development:

- Develop a national environmental communication plan.

- Draft a prioritized action plan for the MoE, i.e. reactivation of National Environmental Action Plan (NEAP)

- Develop detailed programmes and proposals to push the action plan forward.

- Resource mobilization.

- Revise and issue needed legislation (decrees, decisions and policies).

- Develop a prioritized inspection and enforcement plan.



Donors     Amount
MOE $4,727,025.68
UNDP $300,000.00
Sol $119,968.00
UNDP $20,000.00
Total $5,166,993.68


Prior Expenditures
2010 $493,238.71
2011 $846,674.58
2012 $589,851.53
Total $1,949,863.14



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