Implementing Enabling Activities for the ratification of the Kigali Amendment


Short Title: Kigali Enabling activity

UNDP Programme/Portfolio: Environment & Energy

Geographic Coverage: Lebanon

Project Status: Ongoing

Start Date: 01 July 2018

Expected End Date: 31 December 2020

Implementing Agency: UNDP (Direct Execution) (UNDP)


The Parties to the Montreal Protocol had adopted the Decision XXVIII/2 related to the Kigali Amendment to phase down HFCs, and had requested, in its paragraph 20, the Executive Committee to include the enabling activities to be funded in order to support the Article 5 countries in the process of ratification of the Kigali Amendment.

Therefore, in its 79th Meeting, the Executive Committee for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol (ExCom), under the Decision 79/46, decided to provide funding for the implementation of the enabling activities required to support these Parties in ratification process for the early implementation of the Kigali, based on the country’s HCFC baseline consumption.

Accordingly, the current project is established to support the Government of Lebanon to fulfil its initial obligations to phase-down HFCs in line with the Kigali Amendment and the ExCom Decision 79/46.

Achievements & Expected Resutls


- Approval of the Ministry of foreign affairs to the ratification of Kigali Amendment and awaiting for the Council of Ministers session in order to endorse the Amenedment and follow up on the deposition of the ratification instrument to the UN head quarters.

Expected Results:

- Facilitate and support the ratification of the Kigali Amendment: the project will provide technical support to the Government of Lebanon (Ministry of Environment) to review the legal framework and to liaise with the national institutions involved in the ratification process of the Kigali Amendment. Ultimately, this should speed up the process and assure that the correct information and legal support is delivered to the decision makers.

- Overall national policy framework for addressing HFCs phase-down plan: this policy and legislative assessment will be undertaken through a review of existing legislation related to the processes of identification, management and control of the substances controlled by the Montreal Protocol, as well as to identify gaps in this framework that may prevent the future implementation of the Kigali Amendment;

- Assess coordination mechanisms needed to implement the Amendment: mechanism of the NOU and other governmental institutions and stakeholders (private and public sectors) will be assessed to determine the capacity needs and gaps that exist for the implementation of the Kigali Amendment. Improved interventions will be proposed to better integrate these stakeholders, undertake sound consultation processes and strengthen the ratification process.

- Provide technical assistance for safe adoption of alternatives: assess the current available HFCs alternative technologies and the capacity needs in the local market to adapt and optimize low-GWP or zero-GWP alternatives to HFCs.

- Review the licensing and data reporting systems on HFCs: assess the current Licensing and Quota Systems applied to ODS to determine the actions that will be required to expand the control over the HFCs. Development of roadmaps to include new customs codes and tariff numbers for HFCs and their alternatives, in coordination with the Customs Authority, and develop for new methodologies for collecting, analyzing, verifying, and reporting consumption and production of HFCs;

- Conduct a study with the aim to: establish a baseline of existing HFCs banks in the RAC sector including relevant legislations, estimate GWP benefits of replacing HFCs with alternatives and develop measures and action plan for the future phasing down of HFCs in Lebanon

- Raise Awareness on the ratification and implementation processes of the Kigali Amendment: information awareness activities will be supported by targeting groups and stakeholders involved in the ratification and future implementation processes of the Kigali Amendment.

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