Sustainable Energy for Security: Interventions for the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) along the North-eastern Lebanese border



Short Title: Sustainable Energy for Security (SE4S)

UNDP Programme/Portfolio: Environment & Energy

Geographic Coverage: Bekaa

Project Status: Ongoing

Start Date: 01 July 2019

Expected End Date: 31 December 2021


The Lebanese Army Force (LAF) is one of the most important institutions in Lebanon that is ensuring the preservation of internal peace and stability, and is protecting Lebanon’s borders from the spill over effects of the Syrian war since 2011.

One of the key sensitive areas that needs constant monitoring by the LAF is the vast North-Eastern Border region. This project sets out to strengthen the ability and effectiveness of the LAF in that region to better carry out their objectives and tasks through enabling them to be endowed with more energy autonomy in all their bases in that region. This autonomy will reduce the financial burdens of securing this vast area, as well as reduce the security risks of the LAF personnel, both through the reduction of logistical transport between bases and through the enhanced means of end-use energy services such as lighting provision of all sorts that will be powered more quietly and may be operated more frequently.

The project focuses mainly on strengthening the security and well-being of the LAF personnel in the North-Eastern regions subject to tremendous security pressures, through the provision of specifically targeted actions using sustainable energy solutions. These actions build on the Lebanese Armed Forces Sustainable Energy Strategy of 2016 that was prepared by the EU-funded CEDRO project and endorsed by the Minister of Defence and the Commander of the LAF in 2017.

Achievements & Expected Resutls


- Project is launched after the necessary risk assessment.

- Initiation of design and implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency technolgies.

Expected Resutls:

- Install solar PV and/or microwind integration systems (microgrids)

- Install solar hot water systems in border communities

- Promote of the use of biomass for heating in LAF facilities

- Expand the use of energy efficient and renewable energy lighting systems

- Pilot the use of deployable renewable energy powered solutions

- Build capacity for retrofitting (energy efficiency) of buildings

- Build the technical capacity of the LAF (and relevant municipalities) on the design, maintenance and operation of renewable energy applications

- Develop technical guidelines and publications on sustainable energy applications

- Prepare and disseminate awareness raising activities on sustainable energy activities undertaken by the LAF

Issues & Difficulties 

Lebanon is always subject to political instability which affects the security situation, particularly at the border. This may impact access to the site of the project (North-Eastern border).

The weather conditions at the North-eastern border are considered harsh and inaccessible in the winter time. This impact will very likely occur every winter over the tenure of the project. 




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