Lebanon’s Fourth National Communication and Third Biennial Update Report under the UNFCCC


Short Title: 4NC/BUR3

UNDP Programme/Portfolio: Environment & Energy

Geographic Coverage: Lebanon

Project Status: Ongoing

Start Date: 01 June 2019

Expected End Date: 31 May 2023

Implementing Agency: UNDP (Direct Execution) (UNDP)


The project’s overall objective is to support the Government of Lebanon in achieving its global environment concerns and commitments to international conventions, and to integrate climate change considerations in national development planning and policy through ensuring continuity of the institutional and technical capacity building, partly initiated and consequently sustained by reporting instruments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

The immediate objective of the project is to assist the Government of Lebanon with the enabling activities necessary to undertake the Third Biennial Update Reporting (3BUR) and the Fourth National Communication (4NC) to the UNFCCC and submit them to the Conference of the Parties in accordance with the guidance provided by the UNFCCC (Decision 1/CP.16 and Decision1/CP.17). The project will enable the Government to enhance available emission data, performing targeted research, and strengthening technical capacity and institutions to address both mitigation and adaptation. It will also allow the country to strengthen the existing institutional arrangements and support the long-term targets aimed at addressing the impacts of climate change. 

Achievements & Expected Resutls

Expected Results:

Assist Lebanon in the preparation of its Fourth National Communication (4NC) and its third Biennial Update Report (3BUR) for the fulfilment of the obligations under the UNFCCC.

it will be done through the completion of the following:

- Updating the national circumstances, institutional and MRV arrangements pertinent to UNFCCC implementation;

- Assessing gaps and constraints and related support needed and received for capacity building, technology transfer and finance;

- Updating the national greenhouse gas inventory and enhancing the capacity to collect information;

- Assessing vulnerability and impacts of climate change, and proposing plans and programmes to facilitate adaptation prepared, including MRV of adaptation;

- Assessing policies and measures to mitigate climate change, and strengthening the capacity to collect and analyse and report data;

- Compiling the Third Biennial Update report and Fourth National Communication and submitting them to the UNFCCC including reporting and evaluation. 

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