Machrek Energy Development – Solar


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 January 2013-30 September 2019


The ENPI regional energy project aims at the promotion and implementation of innovative technologies and know-how transfer in the field of solar energy, particularly PV systems. In the target countries; Lebanon, Jordan and Palestinian, the weakness of the grid, in terms of blackouts and brownouts, undermines security of supply in critical facilities and in small and medium size industries. For these institutions, existing expensive diesel generators make up for the times that the grid is not present. The introduction of a novel photovoltaic (PV) – national grid – diesel grid architecture is important to be set up so that the commercial sector in the country can begin the integration of PV systems, saving on grid and diesel costs.

Achievements & expected results

The capacity building and implementation of the project in Lebanon will be achieved through the following specific tasks:
- Institutional and local coordination with the different stakeholders and monitoring of project implementation.
- Selection of adequate site and beneficiary (after development of site selection criteria, reviewing applications and selection
of two sites).
- Procurement process (completion of EOI and ITB, review and evaluation of bids, awarding contract).
- Installation and set up of systems (delivery, installation, and commissioning).


Donor Amount Total
EC $1,016,405.00 $1,016,405.00

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