Strengthening Disaster Risk Management Capacities in Lebanon-Phase 3


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 January 2016-31 December 2019



The Project intends to contribute towards the goals of the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP), a strategy that has been endorsed by the government of the countries that are hosting the Syrian refugees; as such it will also directly contribute to Lebanon Crisis Response Plan is a chapter of the 3RP Plan.
UNDP considers the risks of disasters as threats to sustainable development. Therefore, in all its interventions, UNDP puts a great premium upon building resilience of nations and communities; e.g. be it about creating sustainable livelihoods opportunities, reducing risks of environmental shocks, developing mechanisms for peaceful resolution of conflicts or progress towards democratic governance. Building Resilience is the Area of Priority 3 in the UNDP Strategic Plan 2014-17. The Project benefits from the strategies recommended in the Strategic Plan which have been identified as effective approaches based upon UNDP’s global experience in helping countries with disaster risk reduction capacities. The Project interventions will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Strategic Plan.


Achievements & Expected Results

The overall objective of Phase III of the project is to “To help the Government of Lebanon in establishing effective national institutions; including disaster risk information and disaster risk management systems, to increase societal resilience against disasters, especially in refugee-hosting high risk within major local authorities”.
Phase III includes the following Outputs
1. National governance for disaster risk reduction improved through establishment of institutional mechanisms, instruments and technical capacities;
2. Capability of stakeholders increased to undertake risk-sensitive development planning based upon advance risk information systems;
3. Resilience of Refugee-hosting, high-risk local authorities enhanced against risks of disasters and civic conflicts;
4. Support the development of national recovery strategy and national capacities to implement post-crisis recovery programmes;



Donors Amount
EC $262,582.06
NET $949,087.00
GKU $500,000.00
Total $1,711,669.06



Years Expenditures


Issues & Difficulties
- Lack of government commitment to financially support the implementation of DRR policies
- The nature of the work in DRR is process oriented and therefore requires time which possess a challenge in terms of maintaining donors onboard

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