Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP)



Project Title: Lebanese Host Communities Support Project (LHSP)

UNDP Programme/Portfolio: Social and Local Development

Geographic Coverage: South, North, Bekaa, Mount Lebanon and Mount Lebanon

Start Date: December 2012

End Date: December 2022

Implementing Agency: United Nations Development Programme


The Lebanon Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP) is developed under the framework of the UNDP response to the impact of the Syrian crisis in Lebanon (Lebanon Stabilization and Recovery Programme).

Since 2013, jointly with the Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA), LHSP has implemented a comprehensive, coordinated, and durable response to the impact of the Syrian crisis with the aim of increasing stability, building the abilities of host communities, addressing tensions, preventing conflict, and ensuring peaceful co-existence through improving livelihoods and service provision.

LHSP targets the poorest communities with a higher risk of tension and conflict based on the number of Syrian refugees per capita. Through the Maps of Risks and Resources methodology (MRR), which is a participatory, conflict-sensitive methodology that engages and trains communities (municipalities, sector representatives, community stakeholders) on planning and responding in a crisis context, LHSP identifies interventions that alleviate the stress resulting from the crisis within the municipalities.

LHSP is fully integrated in the Lebanon Crisis Response Plan (LCRP) 2017 - 2020.

Expected Results:

Based on a clear Theory of Change and strategy, the four outputs are:

-                  Output 1: Capacity of local stakeholders strengthened to asses and respond to the needs of the community in the design and delivery of interventions in a conflict-sensitive and participatory manner.

-                  Output 2: Competition for basic services reduced in vulnerable communities.

-                  Output 3: Income generation for vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian refugees created through intensive labour activities supporting rapid employment schemes.

-                  Output 4: Jobs opportunities increased particularly for vulnerable women, disabled persons and youth

Target Groups / Beneficiaries:

·       Municipalities

·       Agricultural Associations

·       Women Cooperation

·       Small and Medium enterprises

·       Youth

·       Vulnerable Groups

·       Syrian refugees

Budget: USD 65,931,000

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