Support Office for Consensus Building, Civil Peace, and Constitutional Strengthening II


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 July 2013-30 June 2019


The aim of this project is to support consensus building, sustainable civil peace, constitutional strengthening and stakeholders’ dialogues in Lebanon and in the MENA region. This support is provided through technical assistance, technical information and shared knowledge resources, collective and action research, common meeting spaces for stakeholders, facilitation expertise and other essential resources.

Support is available to all national concerned parties and stakeholders, including relevant government        ministries, political parties and civil society organizations, as well as structures and institutions responsible for political and      constitutional reforms.


Expected Results

Support to the national dialogues’ structures, mechanisms and committees:


·         Support to dialogues, dialogue structures, policy-making bodies, and consensus building                  mechanisms provided.


Support to problem solving and consensus building, on essential policy issues:


·           Political and constitutional reforms and dialogues supported and strengthened.

·           Deadlock breaking mechanisms, safety nets, and civil peace support created.

·           Regional technical support and knowledge resources provided.

·           Common Space Initiative operations and management efficiency enhanced.


·         Supports the organization of dialogue sessions, roundtables, workshops, reconciliation   processes and consensus building initiatives in Lebanon and the Region.

·         Provides technical assistance, shared knowledge resources and facilitation to national institutions, structures, mechanisms and         committees (formal    National Dialogue table, Parliament, and Government) on policy reform, implementation mechanisms,   processes, and comparative   experiences.

·         Consults closely with parliamentary committees, implementing institutions, civil society, government, and political parties on constitutional reforms.

·         Provides on-going facilitation support, knowledge resources and mappings, to             all dialogue forums and concerned parties.

·         Hosts and facilitates dialogue forums on the Political Reform, Judiciary Reform and Socio-      Economic Reform in Lebanon.

·         Hosts and facilitates dialogue forums on the socio-economic impacts of the Syrian crisis on Lebanon.

·         Hosts and Facilitates regional dialogue forums between stakeholders in the MENA region on the Arab Transformations and the Implications on State Systems and Social Contract Dynamics, and on “the implementation of constitutions post Arab movements, and the application of laws”.

·         Hosts and Facilitates the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Forum in Lebanon.

·         Provided facilitation and technical support to the Lebanese National Dialogue between 2009 and 2014; Facilitates assessment process of past Lebanese National Dialogues: 2006 – 2014.

·         Supported the various dialogue forums in the development of policy papers, draft laws and common vision. Published outcomes include: “Decentralization draft law”“Towards the reactivation of the economic and social council in Lebanon: Vision and Recommendations”,  and “Common Vision for the Lebanese Palestinian Relations”.

·         Supported the various dialogue forums in the launching of the dialogue results. Public launching events include: Public release of the Socio-Economic Dialogue on the reactivation of the Economic and Social Council in Lebanon, and Press conference for the release of the “Common Vision on Lebanese Palestinian Relations”.

·         Commissioned background research papers and compiled knowledge resources for the dialogue forums. Published resources include: ““Strategies of Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon”, “Background study on the Economic and Social Council in Lebanon”, “The right to work of Palestinian refugees and Syndicated professions in Lebanon”, “Institutional relations and service delivery in Palestinian camps”, “Foreign Policy and External Perspectives Series”, “Handbook on the Maritime Boundaries of the Republic of Lebanon”.

·         Compiled bibliographies and narrative chronologies for each of the dialogue forums and published them as online research guidesaccessible to concerned parties and the wider public.

·         Assisted the Yemen National Dialogue; and hosted a high level meeting between Stakeholders in Yemen following the end of the National Dialogue Conference and compiled the outcomes of the meeting into an open source handbook.

·         Supported the establishment and development of the Legal Agenda in Tunis as an ongoing knowledge platform for stakeholders in Tunis and the region; assisted the Tunisian National Dialogue.

·         Organized workshops, conferences and knowledge sharing roundtables with partner institutions and peers. Past activities include: Organization of the 1st International Conference on National Dialogues and Mediation processes in Helsinki, and Peer to peer meeting on conflict prevention and peace building in the MENA region.

·         Created the “Peace and Dialogue Platform” as a collaborative on-line space for peace and dialogue processes and structures, offering a dynamic platform for joint knowledge creation, and a structured space to share experiences and capture unfolding processes. To date key members from 19 countries joined the Platform.



·         Lack of cohesion and strategic strategy between ongoing stakeholder dialogues at Common Space and UNDP program activities in the same areas.

·          Challenges of synchronizing the systemic and ongoing change process approach with short-term project frameworks.

·         Challenges with ongoing resource mobilization to support systematic dialogue processes.


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