Support the implementation of the Lebanese Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC) Strategic Plan; Phase I


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 April 2015-31 December 2019




The Lebanese Working Group on Palestinian Refugees, which became later known as the Lebanese-Palestinian Dialogue Committee (LPDC), was created in November 2005 by the Council of Ministers, in response to the goal set by the Government of Lebanon (GoL) to improve the living conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. This project seeks to strengthen the capacity of the LPDC to implement its strategic Plan (2015-2020) that enables the GoL to set up a comprehensive policy on the Palestinian refugee issues, with a view to improving their living conditions.

Achievements & Expected Results

Output 1: Institutional Capacity of the LPDC Office for Policy Reforms Enhanced;

Output 2: Support to LPDC to Establish the National Observatory for Palestinian Affairs provided;

Output 3: Capacity of line ministries mandated with Palestine refugees strengthened;
Output 4: Capacity of LPDC to act as the focal point for national and international partners, on issues regarding Palestinian refugees in camps and surrounding communities strengthened;
Output 5: Capacity of LPDC to facilitate multiple forums and platforms of Dialogue and consensus-building enhanced.



Donor Amount
JPN $1,740,000.00
PMO $200,000.00
SDC $365,932.00
UNICEF $427,000.00
Total $2,732,932.00



2013 $357,453.86
2014 $453,412.16
Total $810,866.02


Issues & Difficulties
With current humanitarian crisis in the region, international donors agenda had shifted to emerging priorities. This had put the Palestinian refugees support structures under pressure and continuous shortage of funding whether UNRWA or other service providers as well as the LPDC.
- The political context, in which the LPDC had been operating is highly sensitive and politicized. This had limited the capacity of the committee to advocate for more civil rights for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
- The UNDP Project is providing multi-dimensional support to the Committee to deliver its strategic outputs. More willingness from the Lebanese and Palestinian leaders is crucial to solve the root causes of the Palestinian problem in Lebanon.

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