Support to Host Communities in North Lebanon in the WASH Sector


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 January 2014-31 December 2019


With the continuing deterioration of the situation in Syria, Lebanon is witnessing a sharply rising influx of refugees through the northern and eastern borders, spreading onward across the country. An estimated 780,000 individuals have sought refuge in the Lebanese territory. Given the current trend, this number may reach 1 million by year end, more than 20% of the total Lebanese population.

Unlike other neighboring countries, no refugee camps have been established in Lebanon. The refugees are hosted in 1,400 locations across the country and increasingly residing in informal tented settlements, with concentration in the poorest and most underserved communities, characterized by weak infrastructure and insufficient social services. Such quick increase in the population size has resulted in tremendous pressure, and is being exerted on the already deteriorated living environment and resources, specifically in terms of access to adequate basic services, leading not only to health and environmental hazards but also to rising conflicts.

Achivements & Expected Results

Identification, implementation of water supply/storage works and commissioning and handover of works to North Lebanon Water Establishment

Issues & Difficulties

-Political instability and security situation in the country

-Lengthy process for licensing for works

-Site conditions do not match initial ESFD assessment



Donor Amount
SDC $826,901.87
GoG $2,148,717.47
BPRM $2,268,000.00
GoG $3,562,697.50
Total $8,806,316.84

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