Sustainable Oil and Gas Development in Lebanon 


Status: Active

Project duration: 01 December 2012-31 October 2019


This project aims at supporting the newly created, but not staffed yet, Petroleum Authority at the Ministry of Energy and Water, particularly the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Unit. The project will assist in moving the recommendations of the Strategic Environmental Assessment forward by developing and implementing the needed standards, legislation, awareness and capacity building initiatives. The project will also undertake in-depth studies for the uses of natural gas and other low carbon fuels, specifically in the transport and energy sectors. This would help in promoting the enabling environment needed to establish a more affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly fuel mix for Lebanon for both the transport and energy sectors.

The project will be implemented with the Ministry of Energy and Water and will coordinate very closely with the Ministries of Environment, Finance, Public Health and the Office of the Prime Minister


Achievements & Expected Resutls

The SODEL project aims at achieving the following two outputs:

1- Support to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment:

1.1 Review of QSHE legislation and policies, and drafting new QSHE standards and regulatory framework

1.2 Develop an environmental database system

1.3 Update/create the national contingency plan for oil & gas sector

1.4 Develop field monitoring and mitigation manuals and environmental management system

1.5 Undertake capacity building for institutions and public awareness raising campaigns


2- Enabling Environment for the Promotion of Alternative Fuel Vehicles:

1.1 Elaborate technical studies on alternative fuel vehicles, legal framework and standards, infrastructure needs,and cost benefit of alternative vehicles options

1.2 Publish the policy options for suitable alternative transport, including infrastructure assessment



Donor Amount
MEW $2,000,000.00
UNDP $200,000.00

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