Karagheusian PHCC stepping up to health challenges

At a time when vulnerable communities in Lebanon are overwhelmed with compacted crises exasperated by the global pandemic  

Arsal flooded only with opportunity

To protect residents of Arsal from the hazards of recurrent floods, UNDP constructed a 4,770 m storm water drainage canal with the support of our partners at core.  

Inclusion at the heart of our response

When opportunity knocked on Wadha’s door, she challenged her disability and decided to give the farmers of Rashaya a helping hand.  

From Akkar’s Beehives to International Markets

“In 2019, UNDP provided me with five hives, necessary equipment, and trainings to embark upon my journey as a beekeeper.  

Little Hands of Hope

The invisible wounds left behind by the Beirut blast of August 4 have had an impact on the mental health of children, many of whom have yet to process their emotions or overcome the fear and trauma to…  

Challenging Gender Stereotypes - Every Job is a Woman’s Job

The challenges encountered by women in society often make it difficult for them to break out of their traditional roles especially when facing a global pandemic and an economic crisis.  

The journey to recovery Leaving No One Behind in Beirut’s Karantina

The devastating explosion that originated at the Beirut Port on August 4th 2020 severely damaged entire neighborhoods and left almost 200 dead, 7,000 injured and nearly 300,000 homeless. It caused…  

Farmers in Jezzine Harvest a Fruitful Intervention

UNDP’s support to the farmers of Jezzine was initiated in 2018 in the form of an integrated intervention that included the establishment of an apple sorting facility, cold storage rooms, and an…  

Psychosocial Support for Integrated Recovery in Beirut

The Beirut Explosion of August 4, 2020 left behind an explosion of feelings as its impact extended deeper and beyond the direct destruction of surrounding areas affecting the psychological conditions…  

UNDP stands by the people of Lebanon to Build Lebanon Forward

One month to the Beirut blast, people in Lebanon are still trying to come to terms with a tragdy that led to the loss of more than 150 lives, displacement of 300,000 people and injuries among 6000+.…  

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