A Touristic Week On PeaceBuilding in Bekaa


In order to support the locals and promote their work and economic opportunities, UNDP Lebanon, along with the ILO, UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Affairs, is working on a joint program that focuses on the importance of job creation in conflict prevention with the generous funds of PBSO.

In Bar Elias, the committee formed under the Mechanisms for Social Stability (MSS) process, launched a public market during the week of May 23. The market was exclusive for small businesses to help revive the economic cycle and encourage their growth. Around 50 different business owners from the village were able to promote the food they make, and  their artisanal products, as well as gain better visibility and outreach.

“Some people have been so far away from Bar Elias, they came back to visit because of this event. We haven’t seen such activities in the village, it’s been 50 years. This is very inspiring!” said an old man from Bar Elias.

The market also included entertainment programs, with an outstanding participation of around 600 people every day from all over Lebanon.

In Riyaq, the local MSS committee launched its touristic week on June 24 in an open event where the local community had the opportunity to display the work of its people to more than 300 daily visitors.

Mouneh (preserved foods), crochet items, and other traditional crafts and handmade creations were displayed during the touristic week and found new fans from among younger generations.

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