“The Mechanisms for Stability and Local Development are an opportunity to transform the challenges we’re facing today into positive change since they offer us safe spaces to debate, interact, and engage in conflict-preventive activities," said Nivine El Rayes, a 23-year-old local community actor, student, and teacher at a center for people with disabilities.  

Amid the challenging socio-economic situation in Lebanon, and through this inclusive, participatory, and conflict-sensitive approach, UNDP, in partnership with the UK and Germany through KfW, is supporting host communities in 47 vulnerable localities across Lebanon to develop Stability and Local Development Plans based on identified priority needs and triggers of instability. By working with municipalities and local community members, UNDP is encouraging civic engagement and community dialogue to promote peace, manage conflict, and mitigate tension at the local and national levels.  

Nivine is member of the Mechanisms for Stability and Local Development committee in Aley. She and other women committee members participated in a series of capacity building workshops to better identify causes of instability, combat the spread of fake news, share their perspectives, opinion and thoughts and support the dissemination of accurate messages about the local needs of the community.

“The mechanisms taught us that we are all key actors in the peace building processes,” Nivine said. “As a law student, this experience offered me a tangible understanding about transparency, accountability, and social cohesion.” 

UNDP Lebanon is enhancing the involvement and empowerment of local women in sustainable development and strengthening their role in decision-making and conflict-preventive initiatives.

 “Through my journey with UNDP, I realized that I could be a wife, mother, daughter, and sister while also being an active citizen working for my community and my country’s prosperity,” she concluded.  

Follow the link to access the “Local Action Plans” and learn more about the Mechanisms for Stability and Local Development:


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