SDG 10
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What is the goal about?

Reducing economic, social, legal and political inequalities through the adoption of protection and anti-discriminatory policies, including policies to facilitate orderly and safe migration of people, to include and empower those furthest behind regardless of status and support them to achieve higher income growth rate.

How does that relate to the Lebanon context?

In Lebanon inequalities are most evident between the Beirut and the rest of the country. Due to the criteria used for allocating funding to municipalities from a central fund, municipalities have an unequal financial basis for servicing their community, and particularly municipalities in rural areas face financial challenges.

Key Statistics

Did you know…

…that the richest 20% in Lebanon account for 40% of all consumption, five times higher than the poorest 20%?

…that Lebanon does not have a civil code regulating personal status matters and thus does not guarantee equal treatment for all, but rather has 15 separate personal status laws that are linked to religious sects?

…that the 244 most vulnerable municipalities are hosting 87% of all displaced persons from Syria?

Goals in action

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