SDG 13
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What is the goal about?

Integrating climate change into national policies and raising awareness about it, while strengthening the ability of the country to deal with the results of climate change.

How does that relate to the Lebanon context?

Lebanon has signed several conventions, such as the Paris Climate Change Agreement, and established several institutions dedicated to the protection of the environment. Lebanon is also vulnerable to extreme events that are increasing due to climate change. More can be done to reduce Lebanon’s contribution to climate change and increase the capacities of institutions working with environmental issues.

Key Statistics

Did you know…

…that Lebanon increased its greenhouse gas emissions, gases that are harmful to the environment and contribute to climate change, by nearly 5% annually between 1994 and 2012?

…that it is estimated that by 2040 rainfall in Lebanon will have decreased by 10 to 20%?

...that at the current rate, sea levels will rise with up to 60 cm in the next 30 years?

Goals in action

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