SDG 16
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What is the goal about?

Reducing all forms of violence, promoting responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making processes, developing effective and accountable institutions and ensuring access to justice for all.

How does that relate to the Lebanon context?

Lebanon has a unique political system constructed to safeguard peace and justice. However, parliamentary elections have been postponed twice, parliament was unable to elect a president 44 for almost two and a half years, and government institutions are becoming weaker. Many Lebanese are losing faith in the ability of government to provide services, ensure accountability and justice to the population. Furthermore, the perceived threat of terrorism and the risk of radicalization are affecting daily lives and the stability of the country.

Key Statistics

Did you know…

…The municipal elections in 2016 were completed with only half as many complaints from voters as in 2010?

…that Lebanon ranked 123rd out of 168 countries and territories on the corruption perception index in 2015, meaning that Lebanon is among the 30% of countries perceived to be most corrupt by their population?

…Lebanon has experienced over 37 terrorist attacks and serious security incidents since 2011?

Goals in action

UNDP Lebanon

Art serves as a meeting point for youth affected by conflict

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Access to Justice for the vulnerable in Egypt

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UNDP Programme Assistance to the Palestinian People

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Um Mohammed broke the conservative tribal traditions of her community when she became one of Gaza strip’s first “Mukhtarah” – the female equivalent of Mukhtar, one who peacefully settles disputes without need to resort to formal judicial systems. MORE >

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