SDG 17

What is the goal about?

Building the global and local partnerships that are essential for a country to attain sustainable development, build capacities, increase trade and mobilize financial resources and technologies.

How does that relate to the Lebanon context?

Lebanon has been able to create successful partnerships to share and enhance knowledge and increase exports with a number of countries. However, due to the lack of partnerships among domestic stakeholders Lebanon risks missing opportunities to increase in transparency and a reduction in government expenditure among many other things.

Key Statistics

Did you know…

…that Lebanon has been able to reduce its tax rate on imported goods by almost 75% since 2000?

…that Lebanon does not have a public private partnership (PPP) legal framework even though a law was drafted in 2007?

Goals in action

UNDP Egypt

Microsoft and UNDP put the lights on youth in Egypt with local employability initiative to create future business leaderssolar

My dream was to help other youth find their path,” said Ashraf Abou Zeid, Masr Ta3mal (Masr Works) trainer in Aswan Youth Center. Ashraf, like hundreds of youth, was recruited by the Ministry of Youth, trained by Microsoft Egypt on the Career Coaching curricula, and became Masr Ta3mal Career trainer. Ashraf has trained tens of youth in Aswan Youth Center, in Upper Egypt. MORE >

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